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  Guangxi City Universityis the most beautiful university in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. On December 18, 2018, the Ministry of Education has agreed to upgrade our school to undergraduate level vocational schooland has launched a pilot project of vocational education at undergraduate level.It will be approved to rename our university "Guangxi City University" in May 2019 after the evaluation and guidance at the autonomous region.

  Ourschool hasset up10 secondary schools, includingSchool of Automotive Engineering, School of Architectural Engineering, School of Intelligent Engineering and School of Educationan so on, on the process of building a discipline and professional system with engineering as the main subject and coordinated development of economics, management, art and education.It consist of 54 majors, covering Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Preprimary Education, Logistics Management, Furniture Production and Design, Hotel Management, etc.

  With its profound cultural background and strong sense of social responsibility, the school cooperates with enterprises in production, learning, business and researchesto provide students with a broad field of employment. Had been invested 140 million yuan in teaching instruments and equipment, and equipped with 3236 computers for teaching, 19320 seats for multimedia and language laboratories, 112,000 copies in the library,our school not only has the only Nanjing Panda Robot Joint Laboratory in Guangxi, but also has a modern international logistics comprehensive training base, an international trade comprehensive training base with unique frontier trade characteristics, an advanced new energy car sharing park and so on, so as to train students with practicalskillsfor employment.The employment rate of graduates is over 96% peryear.

  The school has always adhered to the "student-centered" educational conceptwith the purpose of training high-quality applied skilled personneland has advocatedusing the concept of "Five Creations"to train talents with humanistic quality and scientific and technological spirit.We areaware ofinductive mode of education in which perception and reason advancein line, diligence and understanding develop at the same pace, andthe relationship betweenteachers and students isgenuine.

  Owning a beautiful campus, we sing our campus songs which is with spiritsand ideals, youth and philosophies. Even though we know that the ideality is hard to reach, we will persevere in building our school a cultural, ideological, applied and creative university with a well-known and influential ASEAN university, so that the stories of our schoolcan be spread far and wide...

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