The Experience About Studying in Thailand of the 2016 Level Applied Thai Class

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  We have been in Thailand Chiang Rai Rajabhat University for almost a year. And we have gained a lot in this year. Thailand Chiang Rai Rajabhat University is a school with a long history and culture, where we felt the rich cultural atmosphere.

  As a student of Guangxi City Vocational College, we went to Thailand for studying and successfully finished the first semester through our own efforts.

  There is a beautiful Queen's Garden in Thailand Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, which was built in memory of the late Queen Sinain, who is the mother of King Bhumibol of Thailand.

  There are rich and colorful festivals in Thailand. In addition to the Wanfo Festival and Songgan Festival, Water Lantern festival is also important festival in Thailand. Under the guidance of the teacher, we made water lamps in Water Lantern festival day. Every year, Thais celebrate the Water Lantern festival in November. In the night of Water Lantern festival day, there are a lot of water lamps on the river or lake. And young men and women enjoy the festival and have a happy day. According to traditional Thai customs, Thais put hand-made water lamps into the river or lake on the day of the Water Lantern Festival, in order to entrust their wishes and blessings in their hearts.

  In addition to the beautiful studying environment and colorful festivals, there also are a group of excellent teachers. we have warm and funny English teachers and helpful and warmhearted Thai teachers.

  Every Thursday in the new semester, we must learn Thai songs. And the School's International Exchange Office also invited the director of immigration and the chief of police to explain what should be paid attention to when studying in Thailand for us.

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