Make a big difference four your life, we will take you to fly.

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  Make a big difference four your life, we will take you to fly.

  In such a hot summer, it’s time for you to choose a university to spend your college life. And it would be quite difficult for you to make the choice. Choosing the right way will get twice of the results with half effort, but choose the wrong way will make troubles as choosing is more important than hard work. What’s your impression towards applied Thai? The Thai-speaking people are one of the kindest people in the world, and more than 90% of the people believe in Buddhism and take pride in doing good deeds. All you need to do to live in such a place is to be happy, to read, to travel, to exercise, to relax.

  Picture 1 Famous temples in Thailan

  Picture 2 Figure of Buddha

  Many people think that going abroad is expensive while this is a misunderstanding as Per capita consumption in Thailand is much lower than in China. In the northeast of Thailand, you can get a meal for only 35 baht, or 7 yuan, which is impossible in China's second - and third-tier cities. In addition, the cost of studying in Thailand for one year for students majoring in Thai at Guangxi City Vocational University is not much different from that in China (including tuition, living expenses and accommodation). Students in the first and second grade of the school lay a good foundation of Thai language, in the third year, they will study abroad. For a similar fee, you can study abroad for one year. The English courses of Thai students are taught by foreign teachers.


  Picture 3 students obtain a graduation certificate in Thailand

  Picture 4 Thai students' activities are rich and colorful, and our students also participate in them

  In addition to get a full-time associate's degree in Thailand, students can also get a certificate of study in Thailand. Students can choose to stay in Thailand and continue to study for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees after graduation. And you don’t need to worry about the exam as education in Thai is liberal in coming and strict in graduating. You can also consider staying in Thailand to find a good job, as the country has a law that the minimum monthly wage for foreign workers in Thai cannot be less than 20,000 baht (5,000 yuan).

  Picture 5 Uniforms of Thai students

  Picture 6 We are families

Picture 7 The most beautiful person in studying

      You may worry about your work after coming back as not everyone will stay and work in Thailand. In fact, with the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative and the promotion of china-thailand high-speed rail cooperation project, there will be china-thailand high-speed rail in the future. Our relations will be better and better in terms of political, economic and cultural aspects.

  At present, China-Thailand relations are developing rapidly. In terms of people-to-people exchanges, China has the largest number of tourists to Thailand; Jack ma, chairman of Alibaba group, invested in Thailand and helped them to sell 80,000 durians in a minute. In terms of military exchanges, Thailand has ordered its first aircraft carrier from China. As cultural exchange ambassadors, Thai language students can engage in bilateral work in all walks of life, or you can start your business and do foreign trade. At present, the prospect of Thai language major is still broad, and demand exceeds supply, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and Thailand. As long as you are willing to go out, we will build a solid bridge for you to achieve success and realize your dreams.


  Picture 8 Thai currency -- baht

  Picture 9 Attending a ceremony

  At present, we adopt the "2 + 1" talent training mode, which cultivates solid basic theoretical knowledge of Thai language and basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. And students will have a good professional quality, a broad range of knowledge and strong ability to deal with matters independently, master the basic knowledge and theory of international economy and trade, have certain business operation skills and business processing ability. Moreover, they can use Thai as the working language and engage in foreign trade-related work of applied technical personnel.

 Picture 10 students of Thai classes in 17 grade, and they won the champion in the foreign language recitation contest

      Students studying in Thailand have the opportunity to get a Thai national scholarship without worrying about the cost of admission. Until now, our students studying have achieved excellent results in Thai. In the foreign language recitation competition held by our school, all four groups of students majoring in Thai won awards.

  For Thai, everyone starts from the same line, and this is also a shuffling of the cards. In the process, those who work hard enough, they will make a big difference for their lives.

  Picture 11 Girls of grade 17 won a good place in the Thai language competition

  Picture 12 the girl sings well in Thai

  If you are the one who love life and who is positive, if you want to understand, try, look forward to the life of international students, and want to create a good future and make your life full of possibilities in the future, please apply for applied Thai major in Guangxi City Vocational University (a undergraduate school), we will take you to fly.

 Picture 13 We went to the beach in Thailand at weekends


  Combining study and vacation -- this is life, let along the world famous scenic spots are here and free, why not join us?


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