An Introduction to College of Education

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texchange center training building

  Collegeof education aims to “offer basic education and cultivate excellent teachers”. It has three majors: preCollegeeducation, dancing performance and early childhood development and health management. It boasts variousdouble-professionally-titled teachers (teachers who are have rich experience of practical training and are proficient in modern teaching methods) with ethics noble, so we are committed to make the majors as ones with good reputation in Guangxi and even around China.

  The Collegehas improved construction of teaching equipment and facilities with the completion of two buildings: the training building and the training building of the art exchange center.

  The training building has 8 training rooms for body-building and dancing, which are used for learning courses such as body-building dance and choreography; It has 10 electronic piano rooms, 170 independent piano rooms and 480 pianos for such courses as solfeggio and ear training, piano, impromptu accompaniment and other courses, as well as for students to practice in their free time.

the Collegeof Education training building

  The training building of the art exchange center has one room for preCollegechildren's psychology and behavior observation, and it is also used for the practical training of psychology courses; It has 3 putonghua training rooms and 83 language and audio rooms, and they are used for training putonghua skills; It has 1 remote interactive classroom, 12 micro-classrooms and 1 modern education technology training room, which are used for preCollegeeducation, teachers' oral English and other basic courses as well as students' daily simulated training.

Psychological and behavioral observation room for preCollegechildren

  Meanwhile, the Collegehas built 2 new multivariate capsule of unconscious training room with enterprises, one stimulated kindergarten for five curriculum. They are also used for the training of courses as kindergarten environment creation, kindergarten activities design, kindergarten management, and other courses, so that students can learn and train the practical skills which should be learnt in the kindergarten.

singing strategic cooperation agreementwith 9 large education groups

  The Collegehas created characteristic courses by exploring new trends and directions in the field of education, constantly innovating the talent cultivatingmodel, strengthening College-enterprise cooperation. And it has taken the lead in the establishment of Chongzuo preCollegeeducation alliance.At present, it has partnershipwith 9 large education groups by singing strategic cooperation agreement. Until now, it has provided more than 2,800 outstanding teachers to more than 500 kindergartens, primary Colleges and educational institutions, becoming a new force in the education industry in Guangxi.

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