An introduction to College of Management

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  I.Brief Introduction

  Established in September, 2008, the Collegeof Managementnow offers4-year vocationalprograms in Logistics Management and Tourism Management and 3-year programs in Industry and Commerce Business Management, Logistic Management, Human Resource Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Cooking Technology and Nutrition, High-speed Railway Passenger Service, Cabin Services, Health care with TCM, AgednessServices and Management. The Collegeof Management focuses on educating the students to become high-level technicians with a high sense of social responsibility, the craftsman spirit of striving for excellence and the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education.

II.Training Bases

  TheCollegeof Managementowns logistic comprehensive training base, high-speed railway passenger service training base, cooking technology and nutrition training base, tourism hotel comprehensive training center, medical and health care experimental base, Jingyang hotel and Zhuyang scenic spot training base and so on, which effectively meet student’s demand for learning core practical skills. With advanced design philosophy and scientific and rational layout, all the training bases is equipped with advanced equipment and complete. It uses integration of theory and practice to train students to become vocational technicians so that they can achieve a seamless docking between practice and employment and go to work without further training.

  III.College-enterprise Cooperation

  With the support of superb hardware and software, the Collegeof Management has signed College-enterprise cooperation agreements with more than 50 well-known enterprises and institutions in the industry, including Beibu Gulf Port Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Zhongnuo Technology Co., Ltd, Guangxi Yifei Aviation Service Co., Ltd, Yongfengyu Biotechnology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd,Nanjing Dahui Enterprise Development Co. Ltd,Guangxi-ASEAN Youth Industrial Park and Fusui County People’s Hospital, thus we have cultivated a group of students with overall development of theory, skills, and good quality. The students, can be engaged in management and related work in various enterprises and institutions, and meet the needs of the society.We make students truly achieve survival and development in the society. In the past three years, the overall employment rate of graduates is above 96%.


  Logistics Management “Regional Intelligent Logistics Design and Development”Innovative Teaching Team, Logistics Management Demonstration Specialty and Training Base, Guangxi Vocational Education Logistics Management and Professional Group Development Research Base, Guangxi University Key Construction Specialty Logistics Management, The Second Group of Guangxi Higher Education Institutions Featured Specialties and Courses Construction Project Hotel Management.

  Golden Medal in the 8thNational Chinese Pastry Cooking Skills Contest, National Award for Chinese Pastry Skilled Talents in the 8thNational Cooking Skills Contest, First Prize in the 3rd “Taree Cup”National Vocational CollegeHuman Resource Management Skills Contest Finals, Silver Award and Best Popularity Award in the 5thChina “Internet Plus”CollegeStudents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest - Guangxi Area, Golden Medals in the 8thGuangxi Ethnic and Local Cuisine Contest, Third Prize in 2019 Guangxi Tour Guide Service Skills Contest and so on. Our teachers and students have won more than 290 awards in district-level or district-level above contests in recent years.

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