Our school’s Foreign Language Department Held the Second Foreign Language Recitation Contest Success

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  Our school’s foreign language department held the second foreign language recitation contest in order to enrich students' after-school life and improve their ability to speak foreign language. At 8 pm of April 17, our school's foreign language department held the foreign language recitation contest at the 7th terrace classroom of Weixin building. Yu Fengpong and Qiu Bo, the Deputy Directors of the Foreign Languages Department, Luo Chunxia, the Secretary of Youth League Committee, Lu Jinli, the Deputy Director of the Office, and other leaders and teachers attended this contest. Qiu Bo, Yan Yuxuan, Liang Xia and other five teachers were judges of this contest.

Playing the school song

  It is understood that there were 19 teams participating in this contest, including 2016, 2017 level students. And there was no limit to majors and classes. The contest was divided into two phases: Stage 1 Recitation and Stage 2 Talent Show. The languages of contest are English, Thai and Japanese.  Language expression ability, form of expression, instrument image, recitation content and other aspects were main scoring criteria of this foreign language recitation contest.

Business English Recitation

Thai Recitation

  Before the start of the contest, Teacher Qiu Bo spoke on the stage. And then the host announced the start of the contest.  The contest was exciting and fierce. And contestants showed their talent and their unique charm of foreign language recitation. In the first phase, the recitation part, the group 6 has an excellent performance. In addition to the quite unique recitation work, their scene design was great and the recitation form was creative. And Group 18 members’ costumes were decent and their performances have created some wonderful memories for audiences. In the second phase of the contest, the talent show, four students of group 8 had an extremely interesting performance. They combined the recitation, singing and dance together. They showed audiences a very funny performance and made them happy. Contestants’ wonderful performances received huge applause from the audience.

Business English recitation

Japanese recitation

   We always expect the start of contest and look forward to seeing the next contest. In the end of this foreign language recitation contest. Teacher Lu Jinli made a final comment for this contest, she said that our school created such a good platform, the foreign language recitation contest, where students can show their abilities. As long as you worked hard, you will have the opportunity to success.

         Through this contest, students can improve their professional skills and deeply understand the professional philosophy, professional responsibility and professional mission.

The host announced the results of the contest

A picture of the whole members of second foreign language recitation contest

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